German Seehund Midget Submarine

This project was obtained from a gentleman out of the UK. The hull was complete and it came with a dry hull WTC. It was badly damaged in shipping and I nursed it back to health!

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January 27, 2010

The German Seehund arrived in sad shape. The hull was very well built, however it had sustained some damaged during shipping. Most of the joints were separated, the plastic cracked. Wood was used in some places during construction (not a good thing).

Overall, I was very happy. After gutting the internals, I re-glued all the major seams, rebuilt the dive planes, and repainted the whole model from top to bottom.

I elected to use a WTC rather than the dry hull, as I find them more comfortable for me to use and work on, and it also makes for a lighter boat without the need for all of the ballast to counteract the large dry space.

April 1, 2010

After a few months of work, here is the end result. It doesn't look much different than previously, however its all in one piece now, with a fully operational WTC in place of the dry hull arrangement.

April 30, 2010

The Devil's Den!

I friend of mine took me up to the Devil's Den (, to run our subs. The area has amazingly clear water in several ponds above ground as well as crystal clear springs below ground. Unfortunately it is a favorite spot for divers and we didn't get to play in the caves, however the water above ground was more than adequate for our needs!

The Seehund ran perfectly, and I even managed to get some video of the sub in operation thanks to Al!

The Seehund was VERY easy to handle and held perfectly level when submerged, even without a pitch controller installed..