What is the SubCommittee?

The SubCommittee is a not-for-profit organization of over 1,000 members world-wide who all share an interest in submarines, primarily the building of models of them, both display and radio controlled.

That interest extends to the history and design of submarines of all nations and eras, research and reference material about submarines, specific information on building model submarines, both static-display and radio-controlled, reviews of model kits and sources of modeling supplies, the collecting of submarine memorabilia and anything else submarine related.

Direct contact between members, both by phone and letter, as well as through the newsletter, is promoted. The SubCommittee is at its core an information network of friends helping friends. Additionally, it conducts an annual model submarine regatta, which is hosted in different parts of the country. To see what this regatta is like, see our Photos page!

The SubCommittee is a non-profit mutual-benefit group and is not affiliated with any vendor or model manufacturer.

I have been a member of the SubCommittee for many years, and a more helpful or knowledgeable group of individuals, you will not find. I highly recommend anyone seriously interested in the hobby to join and gain the benefits that this organization can offer.